Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Walking in a line

Big things are happening here at Sexton Mountain!

I've been a little slower to post on the blog, partly because we've had a lot of meetings after school lately, and partly because we've just been SO BUSY! Now that we're finally through the snow day struggles and back from spring break, we have a lots of consistent five day weeks to work hard on some new skills. Our new class goal this month is to walk through the halls in a quiet, straight line. In the beginning of the year, we were focusing on walking safely and staying with teachers, but now that we have that mastered, we're upping the expectations!

This month we're also talking about varying modes of transportation (which the kids LOVE) so we're talking about walking in a line like train cars on a track. The engine is the line leader, and the line leader sets the pace of the line. The caboose is at the end of the line, and makes sure our line is straight. We stay directly behind the friend in front of us, because train cars stay in a line on the track.

This is a really tough skill that lots of classes struggle with, and we're making great progress! Check out this great line!