Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A visit from some special community helpers

In February we studied community helpers, to help our students understand how to identify members of their community that they could talk to in case of an emergency. In this unit we we talked about police officers, what their vehicles and badges look like, and how we can ask them for help if we need it. The Beaverton Police Department does an amazing amount of outreach in the Beaverton School District already, but today we got a special opportunity to talk to some officers in our classrooms. 

We practiced quietly following directions when police officers asked us to do things. This is an incredibly important skill. The recent tragedy in California reminds us that unexpected things can happen at anytime. School staff have special training to help keep kids safe. But if something did happen where we had to quickly follow the directions of officers in our school or community, we wanted to make sure our kids had some calm practice. Everyone did a nice job calmly following directions. 

We also got to look at the police supply truck and a police car. The officer showed us the lights and sirens, which can be exciting, but also a little overwhelming. He talked about asking teachers or family for help if we feel overwhelmed. We talked about good guys and bad guys and how police officers are good guys that help us (other good guys) stay safe! An all around awesome and educational time--huge thanks to the police officers who helped us today!