Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day

This fall, we studied elections in the SRC. We talked about voting, and practiced using more and less to make decisions in our class. We talked about the office of the president, and how they are the most important leaders of our country. The last few months have been a little different with winter break and so many snow days, but today, on inauguration day, we were ready to discuss again.

We talked again about what it means to be the president, and how great it is to live in the United States. We talked about the inauguration to be a day that our new president, Donald Trump, promises to protect our country, and that we will celebrate with parades and fireworks--we were really excited about the fireworks! :) We also talked about the president's home, the White House.

When we talked about the inauguration later during our journal time, I was so proud of how many students could recall important details about our new president. So proud to be helping grow such amazing citizens!

Below are some pictures of us talking about our special day today in a large group setting with our interactive SMART board, using computers in small groups and also writing on paper.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Moving along!

Sexton Mountain is an active school!

We do brain boosts and mini workouts every day to keep our bodies active and brains engaged! One of our favorite things to do is use for fun, silly activities! Each time we move we get points to make our monsters stronger! As they get stronger, they level up! We have been working so hard we maxed out Tangy Bodangy! Woah! You can check this out at home too!