Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Back on track and looking forward

Hello SRC families!

Hope that you've had a wonderful few weeks with more comfortable Oregon winter weather! As pretty as the snow was, I'm sure glad to be back in school and back on track! As we've adjusted to school again, I'm sure you've noticed your student coping in his/her own way--some friends have been tired, some excited, others cranky! We understand! This was a different month for us, and has been really hard, especially for kindergarteners!

We have been enjoying learning about music this month! In your student's backpacks today you will find shakers they made. We've been practicing finding and keeping the beat, so these shakers are something they can use at home too. As you might have heard, we've been practicing "5 little snowmen" and "Count on me" by Bruno Mars every day! We're so excited to perform on stage with our buddies next week!

Valentine's Day
Also coming in February is Valentine's day. We'll do a mini celebration with special snacks and songs and will exchange valentines for friends that are interested. On Valentine's day, we talk about what it means to be a kind friend! I will email out a list of the kids' names so that you can help your student with spelling!

New school calendar
As you have heard from the Beaverton School District, there is now a plan for making up six of our snow days. This will change the schedule a little bit for the rest of the school year. The six days will be restored for student contact during staff development, grading days and parent/teacher conferences. This plan requires compromises from all parties, so we thank you for your flexibility with the new calendar.

Updated Calendar (01/24/17)

IEP scheduling
Changes to the schedule also means that there will be some changes to IEP dates tentatively scheduled in the fall. I'll be touching base with you about the date for your student's meeting. Please keep in mind the sooner we can confirm with you, the better! Our specialists serve LOTS of schools, so rescheduling meetings can be tough!

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