Thursday, September 15, 2016

Curriculum Night Recap

Since curriculum night is a learning time for adults only, I know that sometimes it is hard for families to make it. Below you'll find information shared at curriculum night as well as some tips and resources we talked about. Hard copies of this information will come home in your student's folder on Friday.

The SRC is a social communication intensive program that utilizes research based methodology and curriculum to provide foundational educational services for children impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder and other communication related disorders. On the left side of this blog, you will find a page titled, "SRC Primary Curriculum Overview" with more specific information.

Remind 101
Our principal, Dr. Clemens-Brower, has already shared with you some great ways to stay connected. One of them you're doing right now by reading my blog! Another optional method is through remind101. Remind is a way for me to send messages that go directly to your cell phone as texts. I usually use this for reminders about special school events like spirit days, field trips, and important things I don't want you to miss!

Find out about remind here

Printed instructions will be in your student's backpack tomorrow, or you can use this link:

Join Ms. Ashlee's remind class

Too Sick for School
Can you believe it? We already have our first bug going through the classroom! I agree that it is WAY TOO SOON for this, but it's here! Half our kids and teachers have experienced fever, coughing, congestion, runny nose or stuffy nose. Our kids tend to be such little warriors and troop through, even when they are feeling crummy. Please keep in mind though, that sometimes our kids aren't really able to tell us how bad they feel, and when we don't feel great, we often don't feel up for learning. On the left side of this blog, there is a page with a link to the Beaverton School District's official policies for exclusion for school based on sickness. A paper copy will also go home tomorrow.

We are in full swing here at Sexton Mountain, and that means 4 different fun filled specials each week. On Mondays and Wednesdays we have Adaptive PE with Teacher Stephanie. Please remember to dress your students in clothes and shoes that are easy to run in. On Tuesdays, we have music in the portable with Mrs. Galante. We love singing and playing instruments on Tuesdays! It is important to note that since we are in the portable for music, we do have to walk outside for a little while, so when rainy season hits, waterproof coats are very important! On Thursdays we have library with Mrs. Kimball in our beautiful and open library. We are working really hard to listen to stories, even with so much to look at. Next week, on Thursday, September 22nd, we will get to do our first book check out! Hooray! We will return books every Thursday after that, and have opportunities for new books to check out! Every Friday we get to play academic games on computers in Technology. In technology we will learn how to use a mouse and learn basic computer etiquette.


There is an awesome website called, that has great learning games, books and videos for kids at home and school. We use storybots at school, and they have made it super easy for families to as well. Tomorrow, you'll receive a handout with information about making a home account. You can even upload a picture of your student to make him/her their own storybot! If you link it to our class, we can see their photos at school too!

Thanks for being patient with me these first few weeks of school. We have a lot of new kids this year, and we're all still adjusting to our school day together. Throughout the day, I don't have a ton of time to write to parents right now, but as things smooth out, I hope to have more time soon! If there are specific questions you have about your student's day, feel free to email at any time.