Monday, June 20, 2016


Here in the SRC, our kids are given specially designed instruction in a variety of skills. Academically, our kids have grown so much this year! We are readers, we are writers and we are using math to explore our worlds. And while I am so proud of these accomplishments and the part I played in guiding children through new challenges, every year I find myself the most moved by the creative play and genuine social bonds built in our classroom.

Our kids are creative, intelligent, warm, curious and compassionate. Their never-ending love and passion is something that drives us all to be better educators and better people. While so much of this is driven by them, we also cultivate these passions by changing our thinking and our worlds.

Below is a short clip of a student who was having difficulty focusing-he was tapping on things and humming instead of working. I know he loves music, so I drew some drums on a whiteboard, and between study, he earned drum time. Suddenly, he was happy, focused and willing to work for drum breaks. Everybody wins, and I responded to his creative passions.

Overall, the research pretty clearly supports this approach. Mixing creative free play into our children's day supports development of problem solving skills, helps them retain learned information, and overall increases happiness and bonds with adults. More specific information can be found in the links below:

This summer, I encourage you to increase free play time for your kids, and really let their interests drive you! I know there will be tons of time for camps, vacations, and even work from our summer workbooks, but play is important too! So get out there, and go play!

Happy Summer!

Lots of love

Our entire class playing together

Trying to figure out how to make the ramp angle high enough to get the cars to complete the full loop. They spent lots of time problem solving together

We can't be pirates without a treasure map and eye patches!

True friends

Building together

They made a multi-story building....

...complete with working elevator!

They got there before the adult, and started spontaneously taking turns