Monday, May 16, 2016

A heartfelt goodbye

As we shared with you through a social story a few weeks ago, one of our classmates moved away from Oregon last Friday. Our friend is very social, and was very much a part of the lives of each of the kids in our class, so we wanted to prepare them the best we could. We talked for the last few weeks about what it means to move, and looked at pictures and maps of our friend's new state. We self-addressed envelopes for our friend to take, and talked about how we could write him letters. We also talked about how we might feel sad because we will miss our friend.

I wasn't sure how the kids would handle the day, since this was fairly uncharted territory. We planned a goodbye party, where we would eat our friend's favorite foods (PB&J and ice cream) and listen to our friend's favorite song (The water cycle song).

Throughout the day there were lots of amazing words of love and encouragement:

"You're my friend"

"I'm happy for you"

"Have fun in Georgia!"

"Please write letters"

"I will miss you so much"

"I love you"

Without any direction, our friend came to each of us individually at the end of the day and gave us a shoulder tap with individual words of love. Everyone responded, with either words or hugs, and it was clear that there was a big impact made. These kids are truly friends and they pushed past some of their social and sensory comfort levels to show their friend that they will miss him. I was so moved by this outpouring of love, and so proud of this community that we have created. Thank you for sharing your amazing children with us!