Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sexton Mountain embraces Autism

As you know, April is Autism awareness month. All over the world, people are spreading the word about the different abilities and beauty of individuals impacted by Autism. I have talked with so many people about how incredible Sexton Mountain is at creating a truly inclusive environment each and every day. This April, our wonderful school was filled with visual reminders about how much we are all loved, and how we can all help each other.

Information boards were all over the building sharing information about Autism, and giving suggestions on how to help

 Leveled information about Autism was shared with all grades, so that teachers could teach mini-lessons throughout the month to remind Sexton Mountain students about different needs and abilities of their peers. With all this instruction, the message was clear:

Individuals with Autism are part of the fabric of our community.
They are loved, accepted, and embraced.

This message is felt through our halls
Staff share some of their favorite things about Sexton--inclusive, earnest and "legit" inclusion tops the list!

We are all super amazing members of our community

I am so proud to be part of a school that makes it clear how important it is to include neuro-diversity in every step of the way in every part of our day. We here in the SRC are giving so many amazing opportunities because of the administration, teachers, staff, parents and students here at Sexton Mountain.

Spectra Gymnastics:

As part of our celebration of Autism Awareness month, we checked out a great local resource for children impacted by Autism and other disabilities. On Spectra's website, they state:

"Through gymnastics our students develop emotional self-awareness, gain executive functioning skills and practice social communication. It is our mission to build strength and inner confidence to foster happy, empowered kids!"

During our time at Spectra, we had smiling, happy kids! We used our bodies to get great exercise and energize our brains! With the support of the wonderful staff, we used visual schedules and intentional behavioral supports to learn new activities and INDEPENDENTLY jump, run, somersault and play with friends! We had such a great time!

All tuckered out waiting for trimet after an amazing trip!
To learn more about Spectra, click here:

Autism Resources:

To learn more about our big ASD-centered literacy night Sexton Mountain had last year, read one of my past blog entries here:

For support from the Autism society of Oregon, click here:

For support from Autism Speaks, click here:

For information on additional resources recommended by the Beaverton School District Autism team, please email me--I'll send you more info!