Friday, February 26, 2016

Fun in the Sun!

The last few weeks haven't really felt like winter around here, and we are certainly taking advantage of that! We've been studying different habitats in our environment, and what we can do to help keep our environment clean for people and animals. The level of independence we have seen with these skills has been quite impressive, and I think there are a few things that you could try at home as well.


Sexton Mountain has raised community garden beds, and this year, the SRC and the 5th grade will share the responsibility of tending the gardens. With the support of our amazing PTC volunteers, this week we prepped the gardens for planting by pulling weeds. The kids used gloves, trowels and shovels to pull up weeds. As we worked, we talked about how it was necessary to pull the weeds to prepare the soil for seeds. Soon, we will help plant native plants in the garden!

How can these skills be applied at home? Do you have weeds in your garden that need pulling?


Our school makes every effort to be "green"! Right down to composting the leftover fruits and vegetables from lunch. Our older kids help out by carrying the compost down to the compost bin by the garden.

Does your neighborhood have composting available? Would this be helpful for your family garden?


We have learned this month ways that we can reduce, reuse and recycle supplies to cut down on waste, and help make new things. Our students have become very cognizant of their waste, and know how to sort their recycling from their garbage. Our classroom and cafeteria have very clearly labeled bins that the kids independently use for sorting.

Do you have clearly labeled recycling bins at home? When is your recycling day? Could your student take on the task of sorting and taking out the recycling?

Learn more about recycling from Metro here:

Here in the SRC we are all about teaching kids skills that they will use FOR LIFE. These concepts of sustainability, environmental awareness and independence are some that they can and will use every day through school and into adulthood!

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