Friday, February 26, 2016

100 days of amazing perseverance!

This year at Sexton Mountain, we have focused school wide on character traits each month to teach and highlight the skills that make respectful and responsible members of our school community. The traits are introduced at the school wide assembly, then explicitly taught at each grade level and in each classroom in ways that are uniquely meaningful to each little micro-community. We have worked hard all year to exemplify these character traits and to be examples to those around us. A few of our friends have even won school wide recognition for the traits of friendship and courage.

At the beginning of February Mrs. Jenny, our fabulous school counselor, introduced to the school the concept of perseverance. She explained that while lots of people work hard and start with great intentions, it is truly those that persevere that are able to make it through exceptionally challenging situations.

I find that this was an especially appropriate character trait for us to focus on during the month of February. While the calendar says February is a short month, February is a very full month of the school year, full of rich learning opportunities. We're not going to or coming back from a break. We're in what is often a tough spot in the season of rainy Oregon winter. And we've all also reached the important milestone of being in school 100 days.

This month our students absolutely amazed me with their love and compassion when I was injured. They made me so proud with their genuine interactions and growing friendships. They wowed us and themselves with their understanding of texts. They impressed me with their ability to compare numbers and quantities across curricular units. But more than anything, they inspired me with their perseverance. These little guys have worked so hard for the last 100 days of school, through a variety of obstacles, and show no sign of stopping.

This inspiration has spread to others in our Sexton Mountain community. So much so, that our entire class has won a perseverance award. We are so thankful and honored!

So much excitement!

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