Thursday, January 28, 2016

A terrific month!

Posing with our awards! We are so proud!

What a fantastic start to 2016 we have had! This morning at the school wide assembly, our class won not one, but TWO golden awards! Golden awards honor whole classes that exhibit exceptionally respectful, responsible and safe behavior. We have worked so hard through the month of January and this morning we were recognized in front of the whole school for our terrific behavior in Technology and Library! Way to go friends!

Friends accepting our awards
Ms. Jenny announcing our golden book award

Ms. Jenny announcing our golden mouse award, and congratulating us on multiple wins!

 Below are some more highlights from the month of January!


As I shared on the blog a few weeks ago, our snow day gave us a jump start on our thematic unit! We were able to start our month with some authentic experiences about snow and wintery weather. We wrote some fabulous stories about our season and have been reading and talking a lot about the things we can do and ways we can prepare for winter.

We have also made some amazing wintery projects this month! This week we made our very own snow globes! They are drying right now, but will come home next week.

We have also used our fluctuating January temperatures to talk quite a bit about melting and freezing. This temperature exploration has given us many opportunities for practice with addition and subtraction.

We also conducted an experiment. Would ice melt faster in the shade or in the sunlight? All of our scientists correctly hypothesized, the sun melted the ice faster!

 It also gave us hands on learning practice in freezing water into ice, then shaving it to make snow cones! What fun!


This month's character trait at Sexton Mountain was courage! This month, all through the school, students and families were encouraged to be courageous by facilitating greater independence. This is something we do daily here in the SRC, but this is always a great reminder! We have been working hard with our students on subtle, but important steps in independence. This month, we have been focusing on students independently opening doors, and holding them open until a peer is able to catch the door. Not only is this great for independence, it's great social awareness, motor planning and upper body strengthening. This would be a great skills to practice at home and in the community!


This month has been particularly rough for the friends and teachers in the SRC, and several of us have been hit by a very unpleasant stomach bug. While the symptoms seemed to pass quickly, please remember that it is the policy of the Beaverton School District that kids be vomit, fever and diarrhea free for 24 hours before returning to school. If you're ever curious about what the policies are around specific symptoms, please visit the "Too sick for school?" page on my blog on the left side of the site.

Looking ahead

On Monday, we surge into February and our study of the environment! On Friday, February 12th, we will be going to the Portland Aquarium. This will be the LAST school day before it closes forever, so please let us know if you'd like to come! This trip is completely free thanks to generous donations to Miss Amanda's donors choose project, so all we need from you is a signed permission slip (in folders!) and a cold lunch on the day of the trip!

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