Friday, October 2, 2015

Into the swing of things!

Things are moving right along here in the SRC primary class! It's amazing that it's already October! As you may have heard from your student, this month we are learning about gardening. Not only are we celebrating our learning with a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, we're going to be in charge of a garden plot here at school! More on that later!

We're also working hard in our academic sessions. You will see some stories we wrote about ourselves coming home today that we wrote last month. In addition to composing sentences in our journal every day, we also write to thematic writing prompts. Today, we composed stories about fall using visual organizers and dynamic visual choices. We are learning about topic sentences, supporting details and conclusion sentences. I was so impressed to see how excited everyone was to share their opinions about our season.

All of our students are also loving the many ways we integrate technology into our classroom! We use our interactive SMART board several times a day for large and small group activities. We have computers and ipads designated for social skills, math and reading. Combining a variety of resources and instructional modes helps us to stay exciting and engaging for our kids! There are so many fun ways to learn!

Telling friends what we are and are not doing at school today

Reading about current events together on the computer