Friday, June 12, 2015

Miss Yokom to Mrs. Rice!

Big news for me over the summer too! Very soon I will be Mrs. Ashlee Rice! Yesterday the kids and staff gave me a surprise shower complete with decorations, a cake and a beautifully handmade present and card! While I'll still be "Miss Ashlee" or "Teacher Ashlee" to the kids, make sure you note my new name for your information!

Happy Summer!

What a wonderful year it has been! Over the course of the last 9 months we have:

-Learned to read more words
-Learned to count, add and subtract
-Learned how to tell time
-Learned about money
-Learned how to write our name
-Learned all the days and months and their order
-Learned what out feelings are, and what we can do about them
-Learned about our solar system
-Learned about the ocean layers
-Learned about our state
-Learned how to cook some foods
-Learned how to take the bus and max
-Learned how to take turns
-Learned how to ask questions
-Learned how to answer questions
-Learned how to stand up for ourselves, and ask for what we need
-Made new friends
-Made new memories

And SO much more! We have so many accomplishments to be proud of this year! In these last few weeks it has been so heartwarming to watch all of the bonds and relationships that have formed in our classroom this year. In addition to learning to read, write and add, our kids have done the really hard and really important work of making friends and learning to be compassionate. In the excitement of camp-learned-a-lot, there have been beautiful examples of kids sharing in each other's joy, encouraging through hard or scary times, and generally creating lasting relationships. I am so proud of all their hard work!

I hope that you have a wonderful summer!