Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Too sick for school?

Unfortunately, I have talked to many of you lately about illness. Our classroom has been hit SO hard with this never-ending stomach bug. Most of our staff and kids have been affected, and over half of them are currently experiencing a second round of sickness. I understand this has also impacted families, and I'm so sorry to hear how far this is reaching. We are doing all that we can in the classroom--cleaning with disinfectant several times a day, washing hands multiple times a session, avoiding any physical contact we can and teaching and reteaching germ awareness. Our principal, Mrs. C-B has also spoken to custodial support to get an extra "deep cleaning" for our classroom.

We need your help too. I know that our little guys are serious troopers, and really want to be at school to maintain their routines. But what we often see is that kids (and adults) are coming back too soon. Over half of our kids and staff that were out with vomiting and diarrhea a week or so ago are now out with fever, vomiting, headaches and body aches. It's possible that these are two separate illnesses, but regardless, when we are sick, we need to rest :) In the last few weeks, we have seen kids and staff come back to school, thinking they're feeling okay--so happy to be back--and then end up crashing within a few hours :( While this is sad for them, it also runs the risk of infecting and reinfecting others. I really hope that in the next few days we can all get well so that we have the energy for the exciting learning and fun events to come!

Here is a reminder of the Beaverton School District "Too sick for School" policies:

-Fever: You must be fever free without the aid of medication for 24 hours prior to returning to school
-Vomiting: There must be 24 hours since the last incident of vomiting prior to returning to school
-Diarrhea: There must be 24 hours since the last incident of diarrhea prior to returning to school
-Cough: Free of serious, sustained coughing or shortness of breath
-Rash: Any new rash accompanied by a fever--may return with clearance of the rash or release by health care provider
-Skin Lesions: Draining from sores need to be contained by a bandage
-Other: Symptoms that prevent the student from active participation in usual school activities or student is requiring more care than school staff can safely provide