Friday, January 30, 2015

Space was out of this world!

Our thematic unit for January was space. I am so impressed at how much the kids got into this unit! We read books about planets, constellations, the sun, the moon and astronauts. We did interactive activities at circle and lots of fun space related art projects. Each month I do some pre and post assessments to see what the class learns as a group from our units, and this month I was absolutely blown away. At the beginning of January, when I asked them about space, the only answer I got was spaceship. Today, we wrote stories about what we learned, and had a class discussion about space. We learned so much!

Wow! Your kids learned this!

Notice how the planets orbit the sun, and the moon orbits Earth?

Creative spelling, tons of passion!

This student really loved the lessons about earth!

This student had great facts about different planets!

This student loved talking about the order of the planets!

This student loved the different colors of the planets!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mid-year planning!

Woah! Did you know we are already more than half way through the school year? It seems like this year is just FLYING BY! We are having so much fun and learning so much! As time is flying by, there are a few things I wanted to check in about...

Conferences-February 19th and 20th are school conferences at Sexton Mountain. Often, in the SRC classrooms, we choose not to have these 15 minute conferences, since we will be meeting shortly after for our more complete IEP meetings. However, if you would like to have a conference, I am happy to schedule one. If you would like a February conference, please let me know. Either way, there will be no school for students on Thursday the 19th or Friday the 20th.

IEP meetings-Thank you all for confirming your IEP meeting dates! I will also remind you when we get closer to the date, but here are a few things to keep in mind:
     -I will be sending home drafts of present levels and goals about one week before the IEP.  
     -Will your child come to the IEP meeting? Or will they go home via his usual transportation?
     -Would you like a general education teacher present? If not, we can excuse them from the meeting.

Library-Some first and second graders have a note in their folder about overdue library books. Just a reminder that we go to library every Thursday, so when kids bring them Thursday morning, they will bring home new books every afternoon.

Field trip-In January, we chose not to schedule a field trip to make sure we had time to readjust to school. Everyone seems to be happily settled back into the swing of things, and I am so excited to start our Oceans unit on Monday! February's thematic unit is Oceans, and to deepen our learning, we will visit the Portland Aquarium on Wednesday, February 18th. Miss Amanda wrote an amazing DonorsChoose project for our program, so our Aquarium field trip has been completely paid for by generous donors! WOW! Stay tuned for details about this trip as well as a permission slip.

Happy February!