Friday, January 30, 2015

Space was out of this world!

Our thematic unit for January was space. I am so impressed at how much the kids got into this unit! We read books about planets, constellations, the sun, the moon and astronauts. We did interactive activities at circle and lots of fun space related art projects. Each month I do some pre and post assessments to see what the class learns as a group from our units, and this month I was absolutely blown away. At the beginning of January, when I asked them about space, the only answer I got was spaceship. Today, we wrote stories about what we learned, and had a class discussion about space. We learned so much!

Wow! Your kids learned this!

Notice how the planets orbit the sun, and the moon orbits Earth?

Creative spelling, tons of passion!

This student really loved the lessons about earth!

This student had great facts about different planets!

This student loved talking about the order of the planets!

This student loved the different colors of the planets!

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