Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We are so thankful for our wonderful families!

Today we cooked and ate our Thanksgiving Lunch! Thank you to everyone who donated food and drink! We had a great time cooking our lunch and waiting for our lunch to cook! 

Breaking apart rolls to eat

Using muscles to open cans

Neatly pouring and cutting new foods

Cutting on the right line

We sat at our placemats and tried our yummy Thanksgiving lunch! Some students tried foods for the first time in their lives! I am so proud of you! It was so much fun! 

Yum! We handmade our own placemats and then sat with ALL the foods on our plates!
Sometimes new foods are hard! But that's okay!
Trying turkey

Eating mashed potatoes

Trying mashed potatoes, rolls and cranberry sauce!


Sitting with friends from Miss Amanda's class!

Happy Thanksgiving from the SRC Primary staff! Hope you all have a wonderful, restful holiday weekend! See you in December!

Thank you from the SRC Primary Teachers