Thursday, September 18, 2014

Classroom Jobs

Each day kids can find out what their job is on our helper board.

We are having a fabulous start to our school year! With each new year comes so many new people, expectations and transitions. Our kids are learning constantly! Our kids are also developing a sense of school and classroom community. They are learning about Sexton Mountain, and also about their classroom and peers. We are also practicing what it means to take care and ownership of our community. As I wrote about earlier this month, your student is responsible for his own materials. The students unpack and repack their backpacks each day. They are responsible for keeping their desks and chairs neat and tidy. We have added a component to this sense of responsibility and ownership by creating classroom jobs. Every day before closing circle, the kids spend 5 minutes completing a classroom job to make sure the room is ready to go for the next day. We taught each of these skills using modeling and social stories, and are working on independence. It is so exciting to see how independent we are already!

Cleaning desks

Cleaning chairs

Every morning the students sign in, every afternoon we clean the names to be ready for the next day

Cleaning work station tables

Working together to empty all the garbage cans
In Sexton Mountain's new homework policy, Miss Amanda and I reccommend that students have some household chores. Not only does this reinforce responsitbility and ownership, it also helps build motor skills and prepare kids for independence later in life. Based on what we're practicing at school, what kinds of chores could your student practice at home?

Miss Ashlee