Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sexton Mountain Conferences

I'm sure you have all seen in your mail from our principal, Mrs. Clemens-Brower, that Thursday and Friday April 10th and 11th are conferences for Sexton Mountain Elementary. This means that there is no school on Thursday or Friday, and families have the opportunity to sign up for conferences. Since I have met with many of you within the last 30 days there are not a lot of things that we need to meet about in terms of progress towards academic goals. You are of course welcome to schedule a conference with me if you'd like. If you are interested in a conference, please call or email me at any time.

March was Marvelous!

New expectations
Within the last month or so, I've met with most of you for our annual IEP meeting. It was such a joy to sit down with each family and share all of the growth we have seen for each and every student. This group of kids is incredibly exciting to work with, and this year I have been amazed at the creativity, quick acquisition of skills and genuine compassion for others that I have seen.  As we talked about at our meetings (or will soon talk about for the few meetings we still have left) each year we as a team develop new goals for each student so we can continue to challenge him. This means that at school, the expectations for your student are continuing to rise. Next year, in second or third grade, your student will be asked to be even more independent at school, and this takes practice! This last chunk of the school year, we will be focusing on fading back prompting for all students, and asking that they work more self-sufficiently. This also presents an exciting opportunity for you to increase your expectations at home! Feel free to ask me for suggestions on specific ways to increase independence for your child.

This March we got the opportunity to explore animals! We learned about how animals look and feel, what they eat and where they live. We started to talk about animal habitats, which we will explore more in the month of April. In March we went to the zoo with Miss Amanda's class and got to see lots of these creatures up close. I hope you have enjoyed looking at your child's zoo book with him--all of our kids worked really hard to report what they saw at the zoo!

Important Dates coming up:

April 10-11-NO SCHOOL-Conferences
April 21-24- Book fair
April 24-SRC Bowling Field Trip
April 25-NO SCHOOL-Staff Development Day

May 5-9 Staff appreciation week
May 22 - Special Education Track and Field Invitational
May 23-NO SCHOOL-Staff Development Day
May 26-NO SCHOOL-Holiday