Sunday, January 5, 2014

December was Dazzling

Hello SRC families!

As November did, December just flew by! We still had a great time and learned a lot! Below are a few highlights:


Though we talk about money quite a bit in the SRC since it is such an important concept, this December we explored it across the day in every session. We talked about the concept of earning money and using it to buy things. In January, students will have a bank that sits on their desk. They will have the opportunities to customize them and make them unique. Each day, students will earn money to put in their school bank as they work hard in their sessions. At the end of the week, we will have a school store where they can add up their money and buy prizes!

We applied this learning with this month's big activity, our field trip to the Dollar Tree! We talked quite a bit about what we do when we shop and even watched a video of myself and Miss Amanda purchasing items at the Dollar Tree and the whole trip went smoothly. The students were very proud of their purchases.

Giving to others

Another wonderful lesson that everyone seemed to blossom with this month was the concept of giving! On our shopping trip, each student happily purchased gifts for their parents, and seemed to have no issue with not getting to shop for themselves! I am so proud of my little gentlemen! Also, we made gifts and cards for each of our friends in Miss Amanda's class, and the kids could not wait to exchange them at the Winter party! Wow!

New crafts and snacks
This month we had a special guest come into the classroom to help us make snowmen ornaments! They turned out beautiful. We also had hot chocolate peppermint ice cream floats, yum!

Our fantastic Dollar Tree adventure

We got a sunny day! The only one that week!

Waiting for the bus

Shopping for mom

Waiting patiently in line

Shopping for dad

Excited about purchases!

Such a fun trip!

Looking for the right gift!

Putting our items on the counter

Using money to buy presents

Waiting for our bag and receipt

Some friends even shopped with a list!

Browsing with friends, teachers and parents

What a great job!

A wonderful trip!

Our SRC family
I hope that you all had a wonderful break and are excited to embark on an exciting new year! As you know, Miss Amanda and I wanted to make sure that we settled into 2014 well before we started any big adventures, so January will not have a field trip. However, we will have lots of fun and learning each day, and the students will be learning about our new bank system! Happy January!