Monday, November 3, 2014

Emotions--What do I do when I feel....

In October, we talked a lot about emotions. Here in the SRC, we work with students every day to identify their feelings and the feelings of others. We want students to recognize the characteristics of their emotions, and also begin to understand that there are things we can do when we feel a certain way. For instance, when a child is mad, we will help him identify his emotion, and then use social stories, visuals and direct instruction to teach him what he can do when he feels mad. We are also working towards recognizing the emotions of peers, and what we can do to support friends when they are feeling upset in some way. In October, we read stories, watched movies and practiced ways to be aware and supportive friends. We also wrote about it! Below are some examples of stories we wrote about our feelings!

This is something that you can practice at home! Help your child label his feelings, and then ask what he needs. For example, "I see that you feel sad. When you are sad, you can..." and then give some choices. In the classroom we are practicing labeling our feelings, asking for support around those feelings, and then moving forward. Let me know if you'd like some visuals or ideas specific to your child!

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