Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April was Amazing!


These last few months have been busy! Since most of the students in the SRC have had IEP meetings recently, Amanda, the specialists and I have been very busy with multiple meetings per week, and also a huge influx of paperwork. Our time during these months is precious, so when I was not meeting with families or working on important paperwork, I was spending time planning and developing exciting lessons for our kids! I apologize if this created some delay in my response time to emails and notes--I appreciate your patience.


This month we explored ways to help make the world a better place, as well as learned a bit about how some basic systems work. We learned how to grow plants, and planted seeds in a paper towel. This way students could study the plant at each stage of growth. We learned about ways to conserve energy, and even reduced the amount of lights we use in our classroom. This was a big change to some of our students that have sensitivities to light and change, but we worked through it! We learned about how to recycle and helped teachers recycle around our building. We walked to the pond on our school property and watched the flowers blossom and baby animals grow.

Our plants proudly displayed in the hallway

Close up of a plant growing


This month we also went bowling! This was such a fun way to practice taking turns and being a part of a team. The students also got to practice cheering each other on! This will come in handy later in May at the track meet!

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