Friday, September 27, 2013

September was super!

Greetings SRC Primary families!

Playing together with new friends!

New faces and new routines
Our first month at school has been wonderful! Many of our students were new to the program or new to full days of school, so this month has been filled with learning. This month we learned about specials, lunch at school and working in a small group. Students learned how to check a new type of schedule, and learned how to care for their very own desk! 

Our Technology Lab-Where we are on "C" days

Our Music Room-Where we are on "A" days

Checking out a book from Mrs. Kimball in the library-Where we are on "D" days

Eating lunch with friends in the cafeteria

Walking in a line on the right side of the hallway
Checking our schedules at our desks

New big toy
Our fabulous Sexton Mountain PTC raised money to fund a new big toy for our school! Then, they arranged a work crew to take the old one down, and a week later organized a work crew to set the new one up. This meant one week without a big toy outside, and with lots of practice and social stories, our kids handled this change fabulously! And, we got to be the first class on the new big toy! Hooray!! Thank you Sexton Mountain parents!

We got to be the first class on the new big toy!

Thank you Sexton Mountain PTC!

Everyone loves the new big toy!

Climbing together

Playing with our new scoops at recess-Thank you Mr. Miller!

Playing with new friends

Our thematic unit: Learning about ourselves
Throughout our school days, we practice academics, social skills, communication, and motor skills. But we also practice very important life skills. One of those important life skills is being able to respond when someone asks us social questions. In case of an emergency, we want each and every student to be able to tell community helpers how to get them home. Not every student is quite there yet, but we are always working towards this important safety goal. As such, this September we have been practicing answering these questions throughout the day. We have also been learning about how to describe ourselves and our friends, and how we are similar and different! It has been great to see our students more aware of their peers, and begin to describe themselves and each other! We culminated this unit by giving presentations to the upper SRC class, and answering questions that our older peers asked. Our kids did great!
Answering questions from Miss Amanda

Showing new friends our posters

Introducing ourselves to new friends and teachers

Answering questions from friends

New words
As part of our thematic units, each month we will have vocabulary words that are associated to our theme that are also useful in everyday life. Jessi, our SLP, has created a vocab list for each month of this year. These words are posted all throughout both SRC classrooms, and all adults are using these words throughout our daily instruction. It would be great for you to use them at home too, to help these words continue to have meaning! The words we learned in September are: tall, short, long, my, your, same, different.

We need from families...
Just a reminder to families that in order for us to provide a healthy snack every afternoon, we need snack funds from each family. These funds can be paid $36 per year, or $12 per trimester. We are also missing some BSD enrollment verification forms and school supplies. If you are curious as to whether you have everything turned in, please check with me. Also, if you are interested in donating items to the program (or know a person or company that would like to donate) please check out our wishlist that is linked to this page along the right side.

Jessi’s Speech Corner
Welcome back to school!!

Wow!  It seems like summer keeps going by faster and faster every year.  And to add to time speeding by, changes just keep coming too.  However, there have been no big changes to the speech services for the students in the SRC!  YAY!  In general, I’ll be working with each student twice a week, once in small group and once in large group.  In addition, I’ll be doing training and pushing in with staff to work on generalizing learned skills across settings and to concentrate on increasing functional language. 

As Ashlee mentioned, we are having monthly vocabulary words that we will be focusing on throughout our days.  I have specifically chosen these words from research-based literature on core vocabulary that is used most often by typically developing children.  These words are mostly basic concepts that can be used across settings, namely opposites and spatial/location terms.  Our September words were tall/short/long, my/your, and same/different.  By bringing attention to these words at home and in the community, you can help your child learn and practice core vocab every day!

If you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email me at

What a great September!

What's ahead
In October, our thematic unit will be safety. We will explore safety rules around school, home and the community, basic concepts of danger, and community members. We will also be talking about our new season, fall and our October holiday, Halloween. On Monday, October 21st we will travel to Plumper Pumpkin Patch. Remember, in order for your student to attend the field trip, we need to have the permission slip and $6 turned in by October 1st. Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Parent teacher conferences for Sexton Mountain are November 6th and 7th (Wednesday and Thursday). I am planning to flex my hours so that I can have a few evening time slots available to parents. Next week I will send home a list of available times. Please indicate your preferences so that we can get our conference scheduled. 

Happy October!