Monday, May 13, 2013

May Newsletter

Structured Routine Center
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May Newsletter

Many ways to share information
Have you checked your child’s backpack lately? If not, there may be some things you have missed! In this digital age, we have a variety of ways to communicate. Between telephone and email, sometimes it’s easy to forget good old written communication. But some special things come in writing that for different reasons may not come electronically. Notes from specialists or peers, permission slips, special projects—all kinds of time sensitive things are coming home in your student’s backpack that need your attention. And even more special: your student’s work! Your student is working hard every day on special projects to bring home. Opening his/her backpack and looking at these special items can be a fun nightly activity and great conversation starter!

Let’s not get burned!
With this unusual sunny and warm weather, we are all at a risk for sunburns, especially since we will be spending more time outside in the next few weeks for our track meet practice and hiking trips! We can absolutely put sunscreen on your student before these activities, we just need a few things from you:
            -a signed note from you that states we are able to apply the specific sunscreen you provided, your child’s name, your name and signature, and the date
Since sunscreen is a topical treatment, we do need your signed permission. So if you would like us to apply sunscreen for your son or daughter, please provide the above.

Jessi’s Speech Corner
Language targets for generalization

Greetings from the Speech Corner! Well, if you can believe it, summer is just around the corner!!!  The school year continues to rush on past and our kids just keep growing up. 

This month I thought that I would just give you a recap of some of the concepts that we have targeted in the classroom this year, and a preview of what's on the agenda for next year.  In Kindergarten, we have really been working on expanding nouns and verbs and including some basic adjectives (e.g. colors, shapes, numbers, etc.).  In first grade, we focus on opposites (e.g. big/little, up/down, hot/cold, wet/dry, fast/slow, top/bottom, etc.), more verbs, functions of objects (e.g. What do you use to drink? A cup.), and early prepositions (e.g. in, on, under).  In second grade, we continue with these concepts by adding more words, especially in the preposition category, and start focusing on the months, including holidays, and what we can talk about that is appropriate to the time of year (e.g. in April we talked about spring, eggs, Easter egg hunts, bunnies, chicks, sunny days, rainbows, and flowers). 

So over the next few months, these are a few ideas for you to target at home.  On those 90 degree days, make it a point to talk to your child about how hot it is and everything you touch feels hot.  Then when you eat a popsicle, talk about how it feels cold.  Talk about using the BBQ to cook dinner, and then ask what we need to put our food on to eat it? (a plate!).  My suggestion would be to include your child in the conversation on concepts they have already been exposed to, but you and your family could start expanding on some of those higher level concepts that we will begin targeting in the next year.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email me at

Have a great May!

Marcia’s OT Edge

There are many reasons why some children have difficulty learning how to form letters and numbers, and to write neatly.  There are lots of fun ways to make this important skill easier.

Learning Letters:
·      A multi sensory approach to learning is a great approach for all children. Prepare a tray or baking pan with a shallow layer of any impressionable substance (rice, sand, sugar, salt, bird seed, pudding, shaving cream, etc…).  Practice forming letters and numbers using the index finger.  Remember to have letters formed top to bottom, left to right.
·      Make letter cards by using glue or puff paints to form each letter, one to a card.  Allow to dry and have your child trace over the letters in the correct sequence.
·      Form letters by gluing beans, rice, seeds, etc… on printed letters or numbers.
·      Form letters and numbers using play doh, putty, clay, cookie dough, etc…
·      Write letters with a vibrating squiggle pen- the additional sensory input will enhance the memory for letter formation.
·      For letter recognition, have the child read through a story at his reading level and find all the a’s ,b’s, etc….
·      Write letters in the air with the pointer finger and large arm movements.
·      On  a large chalkboard, dry erase board, or paper taped up on the wall, write large letters always starting at the top.   Turn them into “rainbow” letters by drawing over them with different colors.
·      Write letters on paper that is placed over textured surfaces such as sandpaper, carpeting, etc…  The tactile feedback from the bumpy surface will enhance the memory for correct letter formation.
Have fun and keep it purposeful-  a letter for a family member, writing part of the grocery list, signing your name to a letter or note, writing out the show they want to watch that evening, etc…..

Marcia Loggins, OTR/L

Important Dates to Remember:

May 6-10       Staff Appreciation Week
May 23           Volunteer Appreciation Day
May 23           Track and Field Invitational at Beaverton HS (10 am-1230 pm)
May 24           Assessment Day-No school
May 27           Memorial Day Holiday-No school
May 30           Cultural Celebration-Assembly

June 7            Field Day
June 13          Last day of school

The next few weeks are going to fly by! I am so excited for all we have in store, and all we have accomplished! This year has been such a delight, and I have loved being apart of your children’s and your families’ lives! J

Ashlee Yokom
Primary Classroom Teacher
Structured Routine Center
Sexton Mountain Elementary
(503) 672 3560

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Staff Appreciation Week at Sexton Mountain

Wow, what a wonderful week! This week our wonderful PTC showered us with meals, gifts, notes and surprises. Thank you all for your fabulous tokens of appreciation! My staff and I are so thankful for such a supportive group of families and coworkers.