Wednesday, February 20, 2013

IEP season...also known as spring :)

With all the sunshine we've had lately, it's been pretty tough to convince the kids that it is in fact STILL winter! We're excitedly looking ahead to learning about plants and animals and exploring the outdoors! But before we turn our full attention to that glorious season of growth, I will be meeting with each family to discuss our goals for your student for the upcoming year! For some of you school IEPs are new, for others of you this is very familiar, but for everyone, this will be your first IEP with me! So I want to share a few things you can expect from me in particular during IEP season:

*A week or two before the IEP, I will contact your family personally about whether or not you would like a general education teacher present at the meeting. A general education teacher is always invited, but we have found over the years that often their input is oftenlimited, because their experience with our students is so limited. If you do not have any specific questions for a general education teacher at this time, we can formally excuse them from the meeting. Remember, we can ALWAYS ask them questions at any time through the year, Sexton Mountain has a great staff!

* A week or so before the IEP, I will send home a draft of our present levels of academic and functional performance, drafts of new IEP goals and objectives, and any relevant new evaluation reports. Our team does this so that your family has the opportunity to look over the materials ahead of time, think about any questions you may have, and be fully prepared for the meeting. That way at the meeting we don't have to spend our time together reading a document, we can spend it talking about our favorite topic: your student!

* More information sometimes means less communication. I will try my absolute hardest to maintain the level of communication I have established throughout the course of the year (monthly newsletters, emails, communication journals, etc.) but sometimes in efforts to give each family a very throurough IEP document and meeting, my time becomes a bit more pressed, and my notes become more brief. Thank you for your patience in this area.

* These meetings will be exciting! I know that any time a big group of people sits down to discuss your student, it can be overwhelming, but I want you to know that each and every member of this team adores your child and has so much positive feedback that we are EXCITED to share with you! Also, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience on our team, so please feel comfortable to ask any questions you may have.

We're looking forward to lots of productive meetings and future planning!

Miss Ashlee