Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Three Cheers for Chevron!

Chevron's "Fuel Your School" campaign is making a difference across the country, and that includes your SRC classrooms! This fall, for every gas purchase of 8 gallons or more, Chevron donated $1 to their "Fuel Your School" campaign. These dollars went towards local Donors Choose projects posted by teachers in your community.

Wow! What an opportunity! Jessi (our SLP), Marcia (our OT), Amanda (our upper SRC teacher) and I submitted Donors Choose projects and Chevron graciously selected ALL of our projects for funding! Thanks to this wonderful company and this innovative campaign, we are all receiving materials that will directly benefit your students!

My project focused on supplemental math and reading materials that are geared towards addressing the increased rigor of the new Common Core State Standards. Thanks to Chevron and Donors Choose, we will soon be recieving additional instructional materials and games to help increase generalization of math and literacy concepts across the classroom. Thanks!

For more information on the Chevron "Fuel Your School" campaign, or Donors Choose, please visit their websites below:


For more information on my recently funded project, or past projects, please visit my site:


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