Friday, May 24, 2013

We won!

Yesterday, students from the SRC participated in the Beaverton School District Track and Field meet at Beaverton High School. Though the cold temperatures, wind and rain tried to damper our spirits, NOTHING could destroy the excitement and anticipation our students had for this event! For weeks in APE we have been practicing our sprints, jumps and throwing ("ear, point, throw!"). In the classroom, we've been preparing for the event answering "wh" questions about the logistics of the event, playing track and field "games" on the SMART board and watching track and field videos.

Even with all this preparation though, I don't think they anticipated the joy they would feel when crossing the finish line to WIN a medal! All of the students in SRC primary got to run together, and upon finishing thier run, they were showered with cheers and praise from Beaverton HS student volunteers, including the Beaver mascot and BHS cheerleaders. We excitedly praised their efforts, and volunteers awarded each of them with their medals. This was such a moving moment to see, because each and every one of them seemed to swell with pride!

We also got filmed by a local news crew! Below is a link to the story shown on Koin local 6! Several of our students, and SRC alum are in this video. Looking forward to showing it to the kids on Monday, we're famous! :)

Track and Field Meet

Hope you have a happy and safe holiday weekend!
Miss Ashlee

Making our superhero masks!

Ready, set, go!

Clark Kent approaching the finish line!

Wonder woman ring toss

Volunteers celebrating our effort at the Green Arrow Archery Range

Smashing it at The Hulk Ball Smash  

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