Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Running with our friends

Last week all the students in the SRC Primary class participated in Sexton Mountain's jog-a-thon! Our students ran around our track with grade level peers from the general education classes to fund raise for the PTC. The money raised at this event will support classroom funds, great social events at Sexton, and other resources that each child in the school benefits from.

In addition to being a great fundraiser, the jog-a-thon provided a great opportunity for fun in the sun, exercise and meaningful inclusion. Here in the SRC, we strive to participate in as many activities as possible with the general education students, in ways that are relevant, meaningful and positive for our students. We eat lunches and have recesses with our same-age peers, attend fun events like assemblies and field day, and work our hardest to follow the PBIS rules of the school so that we can be safe, respectful and responsible students.

Sometimes, the activities we participate in are a bit harder for our students to understand. We work to explain, practice and modify these activities so that we can participate as much as possible. Sometimes, these activities are too overwhelming...and that's okay too, because at Sexton Mountain there will always be new opportunities ahead.

Our participation in fun activities like the jog-a-thon helps enrich our students lives, deepens our place in an already rich community, provides great life lessons for typical peers, and helps show our students that not only can change be okay, it can be fun!

Thanks for all your hard work and fast running!
Miss Ashlee