Thursday, December 6, 2012

Donors Choose

Donors Choose is a website that allows teachers to create projects that they would like funded, and allows any donor in the world to bring these projects to life. Called “a revolutionary charity” by Oprah, Donors Choose allows both the teacher and the donor to see every step of the process. Teachers “shop” for their items online, and an itemized price sheet is created for all involved to see. Teachers also write a narrative explaining their project and the impact they believe it will have on learning. Once donors fund a project across the world, Donors Choose purchases the items and ships them to the classroom.

I have used Donors Choose in the last few years and had very positive experiences. 2 years ago I created a sensory project and received almost 700 dollars worth of sensory supports that we still use in our classroom! Last year I had a project funded for color printer ink so that we could create colorful visuals supports for our classroom. Each time the Donors Choose team was very helpful, and support from donors was amazing.

This year, I have decided to request funding for an ipod. With higher demands on staff time this year, my assistants and I spend every moment of non-instructional time planning sensory activities, social skills instruction and academics. One of the things we have less time for is planning for songs and stories. I am asking for an ipod so that all of our songs and read aloud stories can be on one device that we can easily access at any time. This would allow us to further enrich our students’ experience with literacy by adding in new sounds, songs and readings.

Please use the link below to find more information about our current project:

Miss Ashlee

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