Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Exciting things are happening here in the SRC! This month we have been practicing our addresses so that we can "send" valentines to our friends! We have talked about the process for a while, so our kids were very excited today to "mail a letter". First, we chose a friend to write a letter to. Next we used pictures to write a letter to that friend. Then we put the letter in pre-addressed envelopes and wrote our return address on them. Finally we took them to the office, for Mrs. Z to help us "mail" them. Be on the lookout for "mail" in your student's backpack. : )

In cooking we also celebrated Valentine's day by making lovebugs! We used a visual recipe to cut hearts out of bread, color them with peanut butter, decorate them with cereal and make antennae with licorice! They were adorable and yummy!

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