Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pepsi Refresh Project

Thanks to the support of our families and friends, and through the power of networking, I am happy to share that we finished in 17th place in our category for the Pepsi Refresh Project. Finishing within the top 20 means that Pepsi took our project through another round of evaluation. We learned over break that we did in fact earn our $5000. Very soon we will receive the funding for a shared SMART board for our two SRC classes. Amanda, Jessi and I are very excited to start using this new technology with our students. We will share more stories once we receive our board.

Also, a huge thanks goes to our wonderful SLP, Jessi, for working so hard by writing this grant and forever advocating for our students. 

Also, our donors choose project is almost funded! Check it out!

Miss Ashlee

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