Monday, November 14, 2011

Setting the table

Each day, the students in SRC Primary have a 20-minute “jobs” session where they work on functional life skills tasks that they can generalize to current and future home environments as well as future vocational environments. This year they have worked on folding clothes and putting them away in a dresser, sorting silverware, shredding paper, basic alphabetizing and sweeping.

I have received a lot of positive feedback from families about their child’s sudden interest in (and ability to successfully complete) chores at home. This is great to hear! I hope that these skills will continue to develop over the years so that our students will have increased independence in home, self-care and job skills.

This November we decided to add a new job with the holidays in mind. Each day all of the students will practice setting a table for four! Using visual instructions and a placemat, students prepare place settings including a plate, cup, knife, spoon, fork and cloth napkin.

All of our students are doing well with this skill. Practicing at home would give them one more opportunity. Maybe they can even set the table for Thanksgiving dinner!

Happy November!