Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Here's how you can help...

Hello Families and Friends!

Over the last several weeks I have had many parents and friends ask how they can help support our classroom. In these uncertain economic times, we have been fortunate to maintain such a skilled staff, supportive administrators and creative solutions for lack of funding for supplies.

This year has presented new challenges. With the funding being reduced district-wide (and state-wide, and nation-wide) we are being asked to significantly reduce our consumable supplies. This includes paper, paints, markers, glue sticks, and printer ink. Since our students do so well with visual supports and instruction, Amanda and I create a lot of visuals to specifically support new games, expectations, and to help students cope with life changes. Having these visuals has supported increased independence in our students and facilitated outstanding progress in functional communication. With our budget restrictions, we no longer have enough funds to purchase printer ink for our color printer, which we use primarily to make these visuals. So this year I have created a donors choose website to ask for assistance in purchasing ink. The concept of donors choose is simple. Teachers create a page, requesting specific items for their classroom. Donors from around the world read about the need, and donate money. Donors choose then purchases the supplies, and delivers them to the classroom. Some of you may remember that we received a fully funded donors choose sensory project last year and received some fantastic sensory supports for circle. We are hoping that this year we will receive the same support, and we will get to purchase new ink cartridges. I am asking that you spread the word about our page to friends and colleagues that may be willing and able to donate. Thanks for your support!

And, another fantastic FREE way you can help!!! Our fabulous speech pathologist, Jessi Lynch, wrote a grant proposal for the Pepsi Refresh Project! If we win, we could get a SMART board! How do we win? Simply by voting! Every day!

Here’s how:

1.    Go to HYPERLINK ""

2.   Click on the "Vote for this idea" button, and create an account through Pepsi, or you can login through Facebook.

3.    Now just remember to go back every day to vote for us!! 

The grant is through the Pepsi Refresh Project and we need your votes to be in the top 20 in order to get funded.  Every person gets to vote every day for 5 different projects.  Please make sure ours is one of them!!  The voting only lasts for the month of November, so please start now and keep going through Thanksgiving.  These SMART boards are amazing and will make an incredible difference!  And all it will take is a minute of your time every day! :)

Thank you so much for all that you do for your students each and every day!

Happy November!